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The Vykan Meat Klaw is definitely one of the absolute best choices I have ever made in regards to BBQ. Pulled pork has never been easier! This is the perfect gift for any avid BBQ fan!

Jeff B.

These claws are amazing ! I can’t believe they’re so inexpensive . I use them for everything ! Great for picking up your thanksgiving turkey in one piece !

Kevin Murphy

The Vykan Klaws are a must have for any meat eater! They were purchased as a Christmas gift but they definitely aren't making it under the tree..... needless to say I had to place a second order.


These claws have a great design with a strong material. I have tried similar products and they do not stand up over time and multiple pork butts! Heat will not effect these meat forks:)


These klaws are incredible.  The style and durability allow anyone to pick up larger pieces of meat easily. And if that wasn't enough I get to feel like Baraka from Mortal Combat whenever I use them. Owning these is a FLAWLESS VICTORY!!!!!

Dan E.

The Ultimate Meat Shredder

Pull Perfect Pork

Shred Meat like never before. The Vykan Klaw is providing a new and improved way to pull pork. Our Once Piece design provides strength, and protections against bending. A heavy duty meat claw fit for experienced Pit-masters and skilled Home BBQ experts!

Pulled Pork

Pot to Table with Ease

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